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A friendly, cheeky, kinky fangirl who enjoys reading fic, writing, fanvids, going to conventions and just having a good geeky time! Please comment the Friends Only post if you wish to friend me :)
Current Fandoms
• Torchwood
• Doctor Who
• Merlin
• Glee
• Misfits
• Sherlock (BBC)
• American Horror Story
• Xmen: First Class
• Being Human
• Sherlock Holmes (2009)
• Walking Dead

Past Fandoms
• Repo! The Genetic Opera
• Pushing Daisies
• Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
• Kings
• Heroes
• Ashes To Ashes
• Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog
• Queer As Folk (USA)
• Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Angel
• Firefly/Serenity
• Dollhouse
• Skins
• Star Trek (2009)

Active Ships
• Kurt/Blaine (Glee)
• Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian (Glee)
• Tate/Violet (American Horror Story)
• Arthur/Merlin (Merlin)
• Merlin/Morgana (Merlin)
• Merlin/Gwaine (Merlin)
• Arthur/Lancelot (Merlin)
• Merlin/Lancelot (Merlin)
• Amy/Rory (Doctor Who)
• Eleven/Rory (Doctor Who)
• Eleven/Amy/Rory (Doctor Who)
• Eleven/River Song (Doctor Who)
• Erik/Charles (Xmen: First Class)
• Erik/Raven (Xmen: First Class)
• Sherlock/John (Sherlock BBC)
• Sherlock/Jim (Sherlock BBC)
• Holmes/Watson (Sherlock Holmes 2009)
• Kirk/McCoy (Star Trek XI)
• Chekov/Scotty (Star Trek XI)

Past Ships
• Morgana/Morgause (Merlin)
• Merlin/Freya (Merlin)
• Mitchell/George (Being Human)
• Mitchell/Ivan (Being Human)
• Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
• Jack/John (Torchwood)
• Jack/Jack (Torchwood)
• Sylar/Peter (Heroes)
• Jack/Joseph (Kings)
• Ten/Master (Doctor Who)
• Ten/Ross (Doctor Who)
• Zoe/Wash (Firefly/Serenity)
• Echo/Alpha (Dollhouse)
• Ned/Chuck (Pushing Daisies)
• Amber Sweet/Graverobber (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
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