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05 November 2006 @ 17:00
Fanfic - Torchwood (Jack/Ianto) - Memories  
Title: Memories
Pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Notes/Warnings: Set just after the end of 1x03 The Ghost Machine
Summary: When putting away the Ghost Machine in secure archives, Ianto becomes tempted to press the button.

Ianto hated going into secure archives. Whenever he did it usually meant that something terrible had happened that day, and with this job that often meant death. He remembered the last time he had to open the large, hi-tech safe, it was when they lost Suzie. Someone at the very heart of the team, one of the leaders in fact, now dead due to her complete obsession with the glove. That horrid, metal glove, looking like one a knight might wear in times of yore when they spilt the blood of others. Death is such an ugly affair, Ianto thought to himself.

As he began punching in the security code, Ianto thought about how thankful he was that death didn't rip another team member away today. Then the memory of Gwen's bloody hands flashed before his eyes, reminding him that the team didn't return completely unscathed. Poor Gwen. She had been shaking as if she was frozen to the bone despite having that thick, grey, woollen blanket wrapped around her. Her hands had clung to it tight as if it was the last part of her humanity she had to hold on to. I hope Jack cheers her up, Ianto wished.

The safe clicked open and the steely, metal box was sat before his eyes. Ianto could see his reflection on the shiny yet scratched exterior. He noticed the bags under his eyes. Another late night at the office clearly taking its toll on him. Ianto brushed his tiredness aside and hefted the box out of the tight opening and gently placed it on Jack’s desk. He undid the metal padlock labelled “NOT FOR USE” and swung the lid open. There it was. The glove. That bloody glove. Ianto sighed and picked up the Ghost Machine. He was just about to place it in the box when it started to flash in the exact same way Gwen had described before, recalling how she saw the little boy at the train station. The temptation to press the button rose within Ianto. The chance to see moments past. No, he thought. If it’s Owen, Tosh or Gwen it’s an invasion of privacy. But what about Jack? Curiousity began to take hold of Ianto once again. He had always been curious to find out who the Captain was. The enigma that they followed blindly.

Ianto was torn between his colleagues' privacy and his curiosity about the man who had entrapped his attention from the first moment he had laid eyes on him. Ianto began to pace around the room frantically. The Ghost Machine's high pitched beeping and blinking lights kept going up and down in strength. Ianto tried to ignore it. It was breaking his concentration and made his annoyance escalate. Suddenly, he stood still. The beeping was at its loudest. Ianto looked at the desk in front of him, realisation flooding over him. He closed his eyes and firmly pushed the button with both of his thumbs. He discovered that his realisation was correct, and now playing out before his eyes.

Jack was laid back in his chair, feet up on his desk, and laughing while sipping a cup of coffee. Ianto sat opposite him on the desktop with a smug smile on his face and a coffee cup in hand. They had been talking about past cases, laughing at the life threatening situations they had faced and their eventual resolutions.
“Please don’t eat me! I only came for a pasty!” Jack mimicked, throwing his head back in laughter. Ianto giggled too.
“Yeah! I don’t taste as good as them!” Ianto carried on, “I must say my bait skills were a bit useless!” Jack immediately brought his head back up.
“Hey! You were great! We got that Weevil! You didn’t get eaten!” Jack assured, “I don’t know about whether you'd taste as good as a pasty though!”

Jack began to laugh again but Ianto just smirked. Jack's laughter disappated when he realised that the Welshman was silent. He raised his head and looked Ianto in the eyes.
“What’s the matter, Ianto?” Ianto, the one with the Ghost machine in hand, observing, remembered what was going through his head at that moment. The nervous self-doubt. No, not just remembered; felt. It was then followed by the flare of courage that made him able to answer the Captain.
“You sure you want to find out?” Ianto nervously said. Jack's trademark charismatic smile swept across his face.
“More than anything,” the Captain replied.
Ianto smiled shyly, causing them both to giggle slightly. Ianto then leaned forward across the desk to make their giggling lips meet.

That small wet touch. The most sweet and minute of kisses had made Ianto more happy and alive than anything in a long time. Ianto always felt so alive whenever he was in Jack’s company. Life stood next to the Captain was a whirlwind of adventure, and Ianto enjoyed the ride whole heartedly. Ianto, the present one watching the past, carried on reliving the moment.

The kiss, at first an affectionate peck, then transformed into a full-on snog. Lips mangled and tongues lashed at each other robustly. Jack then began to lay Ianto gently down on the desk with the arm he held him in while the other swept everything off the desk. Jack then broke the kiss, enjoying the mournful look on the Welshman's face at the loss of contact, and began working on Ianto’s belt.

Ianto could feel the emotion of that night re-entering his veins. The passion, the happiness, the contentment, the fulfilment, a that intense feeling of being alive. The sensation took over him and made time seem both quick and never ending.

Then the moment drew to its eventual close. Both Jack and Ianto were laid together awkwardly on the desk, panting and spent from passion. Jack rested his head on Ianto’s chest. Ianto then managed to move his limp arm and placed it in Jack's hair, his fingers running through the sweaty strands, slightly pulling him closer.
“It's official. You taste way better than a pasty!” Jack said inbetween pants. He continued to lay there with a smile on his face, but not one of his usual cheeky, flirtatious ones, this one was quite different. It was genunine contentedness. The sight took Ianto's breath away.

The moment then abruptly ended and faded away like a haunting echo. Ghosts of happiness. It was just Ianto alone in the office once again. He simply stood there, overwhelmed by his discovery, staring at the Ghost Machine as the lights faded too along with the moment of the past. It was powering down. A tiny beep sounded and it was off. Dormant once more. Ianto looked up from it, searching for the box, instead he found Jack watching from the doorway.

He was leaning against it with his hands buried in his trouser pockets, slightly stretching his braces, and intensely staring into Ianto’s surprised eyes.
“Sir...erm...I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to use it! I just...”
Ianto was beginning to panic. His words were becoming more and more flustered as Jack began to quickly make his way across the room. Across to Ianto. When they were inches apart, Jack's hands swooped to the sides of Ianto’s head and brought his lips to Ianto’s.

Ianto was startled for a moment before eagerly returning the kiss. It was slow and tender. Meaningful. Ianto knew this without the help of the Ghost Machine. Their lips then parted from each other, though they rested their foreheads together to remain achingly close. They gazed into each other’s eyes as Jack spoke.
“Ianto. So much has happened to me in this life, so much that you couldn’t believe and will never know. For so long I’ve felt so alone. So inhuman. So dead inside. But you’ve changed all that. I don't know how but you've made me feel something that I haven't felt in a long time. That night together was amazing! The only thing that’s been keeping me at bay since then is whether you can live with the fact that you'll never know everything about me. I saw you messing around with that thing on the CCTV on Tosh’s computer. I saw that you thought about it and then pressed the button because you knew what memory it had picked up. You weren't prying. You were re-living, and now I know I can trust you. So...do you want me?”
“Oh yes!” husked Ianto, as he began to back Jack onto his desk, “I want you, now!"
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Georgie: Torchwood - Jack/Iantoindiefairy on 5th November 2006 18:17 (UTC)
Oh very nice. Ahh that's left me feeling all warm. Very cute.

and can I commend you on your choice of music Imogen Heap rules XD
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 5th November 2006 18:34 (UTC)
she sure does! hehe glad u liked it! saved me from a hellish day of boredom!
Georgie: Imogen Heapindiefairy on 5th November 2006 18:40 (UTC)
I love writing to take away my boredom, and making icons XD

I saw her live a few weeks ago, she was amazing. seriously i want to marry her XD
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 5th November 2006 18:53 (UTC)
ye. ive only jus started writing (dis is my 2nd fic). ye its very easy going and fun. cool you saw imogen's concert! soo cool! luvly icon btw.