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04 October 2011 @ 00:15
EMS Report!  
Sorry it's taken me so long to finish this! Livejournal conspired against me!

My lord this weekend was bloody nonstop for me! Despite how knackering it was EMS was by far one of the best conventions I've ever been too :)

I met David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, Eve Myles, Evanna Lynch, John Hurt, Sean Patrick Flanery, Nina Toussaint-White, Miranda Raison, Frances Barber, Georgia Moffett, Shirley Henderson and Caitlin Blackwood!

Pictures and tales under the cut!

Friday was a right palarva. As soon as I sat down on the train I realised that I had left my moblie at home. SHIT. After ten minutes of inner panic I had devised a plan to borrow the hotel's computer as soon as I got there to tweet David and Lisa that I was here and my room number. I had been in my room for barely 2 minutes when they came to get me and we rushed back out into the streets of London. We had to get a move on. We were going to see the recording of an episode of Chris Moyles' Quiz Night at BBC Television Centre.

Thankfully we got there in time and were soon inside the BBC lounge surrounded by people dressed in their finery for the Strictly Come Dancing live show. We felt a bit out of place. We killed an hour looking at Doctor Who figures in the shop (and bemoaning the poor decisions on them for the millionth time), shouting Barrowman everytime he appeared on the surrounding screens and chatting general nonsense. It was bizarre. We were in BBC Television Centre. Yay! We then wished we had a pack of post it notes so we could leave "Save Doctor Who Confidential" notes everywhere. Alas.

Then it was time to go into the studio and we found out who the guests were: Vic Reeves, Emma Bunton and Tulisa from N-Dubz and X Factor. Quite a decent line up. We then had to pick a guest card because if you pick the winning guest you'd get a share of £1000. I picked Vic Reeves, David picked Emma Bunton and Lisa picked Chris Moyles. The recording was good fun. Vic Reeves is just hilarious. He and Chris were chasing each other with frying pans for a good 15 minutes. In the end Emma Bunton won and David got £15. Vic lost by 1 point. DAMMIT.

While David was collecting his winnings, Lisa and I found this:

We then messed about with a huge picture of Matt and the Quattro from Ashes To Ashes. Still awaiting the pictures from Lisa.

We then tottered home for a well deserved KFC and soon found Rob. After hanging out for a bit we all went to bed as we had to be up at 6am. Unholy hours just in the name of Who lol.

6am and Rob and I slowly got up and dressed in our Amy Pond (God Complex) and Eleventh Doctor outfits. Lisa soon came down so we could help her into her armour as she was doing older!Amy from The Girl Who Waited. It was sheer brilliance! By 7:15am we had set up camp in the pre-paid queue and played many games of Sopio. Around 8am the Earls Court staff moved the bloody queue! Thankfully all the cards were on a mat so Rob and I picked it up and carefully moved to the new queuing place. We still fell about 20 people back in line though. Bloody Earls Court staff! There were going to move us again before Jason (the guy in charge of Showmasters) ran up and shouted NO! The dude was a hero in a hawiian shirt XD

9am rolled around and we were in and up the escalator! As Lisa and I browsed the con brochure we spotted that there will be a Hunger Games con next June. We flailed our heads off. Once at the top we bee-lined for Arthur Darvill's virtual ticket queue. We got a number in the 70's. Not bad at all. Rob got me a good John Hurt VQ ticket too. Then it was time to explore and play with fellow cosplayers!

Our first auto of the day was Nina Toussaint-White (Mels - Doctor Who). So gorgeous in real life! She was really happy and enthusiastic. Fabulous lady!

I then had to go for my Evanna Lynch shoot. She was lovely and really dinky in real life! There was a table with a huge paper sheet on it and crayons near the queue for us to write messages for her. I wrote "Nargles!"

I found the gang again and we went to get Arthur Darvill's autograph. He liked Lisa and I's costumes and said that we had done good work on them. He went "Wow it's a huge picture of my face!" as I put down my 8x10 from the Girl Who Waited. I replied by saying "Your lovely face though". We got pictures at his table too. For the rest of the gang he did an odd how/wave but for me he decided to change to his catalogue pose. Hence the giggles.

And here's my photoshoot!

I then went to meet John Hurt who was charming, friendly and surprisingly less white haired than I expected. He was even doing photos over the table which I was surprised at. I was too shy to ask for one though as I was in the line on my own and thus didn't have a friend to help out. Here's my autograph.

Then it was Nina photoshoot time!

We then met Caitlin Blackwood (Young Amelia Pond - Doctor Who). She is a little champion. Most young girls would be slightly daunted when there are so many nerds wanting to meet you that you are put on VQ tickets but she wasn't. She was confident, sweet and a sheer joy. Her mum liked our costumes too.

At this point I was dying. The con was stupidly hot as Britain has decided to have a summer in October. FUCKING OCTOBER. I was melting in my leather jacket. My boots were killing me too which was odd as they're flat. Thankfully it was time to head back to my hotel to have a rest and get changed into my Jilly Kitzinger cosplay for my Eve Myles shoot.

Then it was Eve shoot time! I joined Sam and Mariann in the queue and had a good natter. Eve is delightfully bonkers. She had an entire conversation with Mariann's bears. After she had a back to back Charlie's Angels pose with Sam she said "we're touching bottoms!" and then started bumping and grinding against her. Then it was my go. I went up to her and asked her to grab my coat like the fight in episode 10. She looked me up and down and clicked and said "you look fantastic! Yes! Come here!". She took firm hold of me as Malcolm the photographer thanked the gods and this awesomeness ensued.

I seriously love this woman! After the photo she said "You alright? I didn't hurt you did I?" to which I replied "Nope! I survived!". Absolutely lovely woman!

Meanwhile, Rob had changed into his Babydoll from Sucker Punch cosplay.

I love him. He's ridiculous XD

Then it was time for the Doctor Who talk with Arthur Darvill, Nina Toussaint-White and Caitlin Blackwood. I'm still tired so my brain fails so here is what I remember:
+ Doctor Who Confidential is Arthur's grandad's favourite programme
+ Caitlin plans to be bigger than her cousin lol
+ Nina has never really watched Doctor Who before
+ Arthur loves how Doctor Who has changed his life completely.

Finally it was time for me to get back into my Amy Pond gear for the Doctor Who cosplay meet up. I love that we've become more of a firm unit between LFCC and EMS, and now after EMS we seem more solidified. It's just great to be a part of a group of people who are just as enthusiastic and embracing as you. Roll on more meet ups!

DT day! Rob and I woke up at 5:45am and got out of bed much quicker than the previous morning. We knew we couldn't waste time. I had a Tallulah costume to get into and the later we were the crapper a VQ ticket we would get. Lisa and David came down and thankfully we were all already on time. We headed to Earl's Court and saw the queue moving and people looking pissed. I saw Natalie at the front and asked her what was going on and she said that the Earl's Court staff we trying to move people again and basically flip the front and back of the queue round but she was having none of it. She had been there since 5am. I love that fierce lady!

The queue itself wasn't as bad as we had expected at that time of day. We set up camp, played Sopio, ate fruit and had a mini photoshoot as I knew that I wouldn't be wearing my dressing gown in the event for long.

9am came around and the doors opened and we all went in fairly smoothly. In fact there was no DT mayhem. Everyone power-walked civilly to the VQ queue and lined up neatly. Crew were minding the queue too. It was just so nice and a relief to see everyone behaving and newbies not getting in the way/wrong end of stick/other mishap. We got really good VQ tickets! Mine was 108! Woo!

We then went for a walk around and chatted with David who runs the Showmasters Twitter, Gareth and some other cosplayers. I took off my dressing gown and wriggled into my wings too.

Then we were off to meet David Tennant! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! His booth was fucking huge. We were queuing in there for 40 minutes.

With him being so expensive and doing no personalisations I really wasn't expecting much time-wise with him. I expected it to be slightly briefer than what I had with Karen Gillan at LFCC. To my absolute delight I was wrong. David was really friendly and chatty with everyone. The 4 of us probably spent a good two-three minutes with him just talking as he signed. We went up in this order: David, Lisa, me and Rob. David went first and Tennant really liked his Tenth Doctor tie and asked where he got it from. He then looked at the rest of us and went "This is like a fancy dress party! It's brilliant!" He recognised Lisa's Amy Pond Kissogram costume and said "Stripogram!". Lisa corrected him "after all it is a BBC show" but he went "Nah that Moffat's a dirty bastard". Cue giggles and agreement. I was next and her said "Talullah!" and then asked if Miranda Raison was here today. I said yes and he asked if she had seen me yet to which I said "no, she's next!". I then said I was worried if she's either love it or be terrified. He said "Probably a bit of both but in a good way. You look great". My turn done, I took the tote bag off Rob and helped him unroll the Bad Wolf banner. Watching him sign the banner, right next to his head, felt a bit special to me. That huge banner with all those awesome Doctor Who people on it is now signed by Rob's Doctor ♥

When we came out of the booth we squeed and I realised that I was shaking. Ooops. High on Tennant squee we set off to Miranda Raison's table, but we had an amusing detour caused by Sean Patrick Flanery. Basically he wanted to steal me. We were walking past his table and he exclaimed "Wow! That's amazing! Best costume of the day!". Like I wasn't high on squee enough. Sean Patrick Flanery aka Bobby Dagen from Saw 3D aka the guy who made pecs + torture!porn = hot was flirting with me. THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. I tottered over for a wee chat about my costume. I told him it was from Doctor Who and he found that cool even though he doesn't watch it much. He originally thought I was some kind of ice dancer. He was adorable and smoking hot. I promised to come back later and I did to get my Saw 3D autograph. Sadly the only 2 Saw 3D pics they had were the promo shot of Bobby at the book signing and a long shot of when he's being told about the hook trap. Dang it. I wanted one with the actual hooks in him. Oh well. I got the long shot one as I like to get Saw guests to sign pictures of them in their traps. We chatted for a while again and I got a picture with him. He really was lovely. I regret not getting a photoshoot now. Hopefully he'll come back one day.

At last we got to Miranda's table and went straight up as she wasn't busy. The look on her and her guest assistant's faces was priceless. They were both delighted. Her guest assistant gave me much kudos. Miranda was lovely, smiley and fun. She loved my costume and was a bit jealous of how mine was a bit more modest downstairs. I mentioned that I rewatched the episode a few weeks ago and noticed that. The message on my autograph is so cute:

Then it was Tennant photoshoot time! Our tickets were in the 20's so we were in the first 100 to go in. It was hilarious/facepalm worthy how many times newbies asked us questions because we were at the bend in the queue. Lisa got sick of repeating herself. How hard is it to understand that if you're not in the first 100 you have step back and wait to be called? The most hilarious one was this one though:
Newbie: Is this the David Tennant photo queue?
Lisa: Yup
Newbie: And where do you get tickets for this?
All of us: It's sold out.

David was lovely and charming in the shoot. He couldn't do many poses as they were pressed for time for which he apologized for. He did hold people's screwdrivers and stuff though and I saw a couple back to back poses when they were all printed later. When Lisa went up he said "Kissogram not a stripogram!". Bless. When I went up he greeted me as Tallulah and asked how I was. I said I was great. I had my arm around David Tennant. I was on top of the fucking world.

We then headed back to the hotel for David to change and for Rob to dump the Bad Wolf banner. We then headed back and found a Weeping Angel, a Silent and Madame Kovarian.

Then it was time for my Miranda Raison shoot! She was pleased to see me again and I asked her if she would hold Laszlo with me. She said yes and the awesome below ensued. As I left she said "Aww Laszlo! That's so cute" XD

From there I went straight to Eve Myles' talk. God I love that woman. She really does have the best relationship with her fans. I can't remember much now but I remember her saying that she will do Torchwood as long as people want to see it. Also she calls herself and John the ASBO kids of Doctor Who. When they're on DW they're constantly told to behave. Bless.

Now all of our strictly scheduled stuff was done for the day so we could wander about and relax. I had to sit down a few times because my feet were killing me. I then went to get Evanna Lynch's autograph. She loved my costume and we talked about each other's weekend. Lovely girl. I also got Shirley Henderson's autograph. Took me ages to decide whether get a Harry Potter or Doctor Who photo signed. In the end I picked Doctor Who. Shirley was nice but I went a bit shy and quiet so I didn't get the chance to tell her how much I loved her in Crimson Petal and the White as Mrs Fox. Dang it. I popped over to see Georgia Moffett to get her autpgraph for sasha_lilyrat. Georgia is so sweet. She's so enthusiastic about the Who fans.

I also met Frances Barber who is Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who. Fantastic lady. Chatty, welcoming and a good giggle. I told her she scared the crap out of me at the end of Almost People and she replied "Good!". I got a picture with her too.

It was then time for the Doctor Who cosplay meet up and this time we had a special surprise. Some of the gang had managed to persuade some of the Who actors to join us! Ian McNeice (Winston Churchill), Philip Rham (German Teselecta), Frances Barber (Madame Kovarian), Caitlin Blackwood (Young Amelia Pond) and Dan Starkey (Sontaran). Apparently Paul Mgann and Miranda Raison came too but couldn't get through the crowd. Shame.

And that was EMS! I had such a good time. One of the best cons I've been to despite the pain from heat and my feet! Only 2 more cons to go and then that's the con season done for this year! It's gone so quick!

Next convention: London Memorabilia to meet Freema Agyeman and maybe Arlene Tur and Alexa Havins (depends how much of an organisational mess moving the pair between Expo and Mem is).
Delan Raindelan_raine on 16th October 2011 19:26 (UTC)
Great review.. really brilliant weekend and, as usual,you looked stunning as Talula!!
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 16th October 2011 19:42 (UTC)
Thanks :)
Sami ~♥♥: [tw] gwen+ianto~we're all mad herecreadigol_lili on 16th October 2011 19:34 (UTC)
Your Eve photo is so fabulous! She's one of kind that's for sure <3
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 16th October 2011 19:42 (UTC)
Cheers! She really is :)
davidbrookes47 on 16th October 2011 20:00 (UTC)

'David went first and Tennant really liked his Tenth Doctor tie and asked where he got it from.' I think that has to be the highlight of the whole weekend for me. That 10 seconds where he was talking to me about something specific rather than a *hi -> signs 8x10 -> gets moved along* proves that you don't have to be rushed along to let everyone meet them. Plus I have something really individual to remember him by that I'm sure most of the other attendees won't :D.

Antje: DavidT2011dieastra on 5th April 2012 23:19 (UTC)
Awwwwww! What a great report!

The pictures with Eve are really great. And David ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You know, I can hear his voice in my head with "This is like a fancy dress party! It's brilliant!" and "Nah that Moffat's a dirty bastard". Love his voice, I listen to lots of audio plays and books. So, I hear the first sentence in his high voice and the other one in a deep brawl. Right? LOL

And the picture is also lovely. And different from the ones I have seen from that weekend. Everyone was posting their picture, but they all looked the same! As if they were standing next to a cardboard copy. So it is nice to see one where he really smiles. From the others I got the impression that it was all a bit much to him.

How many tickets were sold in the end? I keep hearing different numbers. 500, 1000? And those all in just two-three hours? That is quite demanding.

But then someone likes you comes and makes it a bit more special. I really love your costume, I think you look absolutely great in it! Me, I would be too self conscious to walk around in any costume, I usually don't like to be the middle of attention.

Wow, from your FB pictures I can see that you attend quite a lot of conventions. That will take a while to get through them all! Many thanks for adding me so that I have the chance to look at your pictures.

(my picture with David is from the theatre stage door)
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 6th April 2012 22:20 (UTC)
Aww cheers

Yeah that's exactly how he said it XD

Well I was within the first 100 so he was fairly fresh lol. Yeah he did a 1000. 500 then lunch then the other 500. It was insane but well managed

Aww thanks. Yeah I do. I make sure I attend LFCC and CM MK every year and then go to other things that I fancy. This year I'm doing Greatest Show, CM MK, 11th Hour and LFCC