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12 July 2011 @ 23:07
LFCC 2011  
LFCC 2011 was the best convention I have ever been to! I met 13 guests: Karen Gillan (Amy Pond - Doctor Who), Alex Kingston (River Song - Doctor Who), Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young - Saw 1,2,3 & 6), Natalia Tena (Tonks - Harry Potter), Mark Sheppard (Canton Everett Delaware III - Doctor Who, Badger - Firefly, Crowley - Supernatural), Sir Derek Jacobi (Professor Yana/The Master - Doctor Who), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler - Doctor Who), Robert Knepper (Samuel - Heroes), Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown - Harry Potter), Harry Melling (Gilli - Merlin, Dudley Dursley - Harry Potter), Simon Becker Fisher (Doruim - Doctor Who), Corey Johnson (Henry Van Statten - Doctor Who) and Laurence Belcher (Young Kazran - Doctor Who, Young Charles Xaiver - XMen First Class).

Along with that I had a cracking time catching up with old friends, meeting new people and generally having a giggle.

Friday had the first ever preview evening for LFCC. It was a nice addition to proceedings. Gave you a chance to get to grips with the layout, look at stalls in a slightly less crowded environment, lets you get a couple of guests done and out of the way, benefit from some free signers and creates an intimate atmosphere. I liked it and I hope it becomes permanent.

I got a free autograph from Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown - Harry Potter). She was very sweet and we talked about her dress from the HP7b premiere and how the beads marked her arms. Bless her. I also met Robert Knepper (Samuel - Heroes). Gosh he was hot ♥. We talked about Samuel and Heroes' cancellation. I'm still gutted it didn't carry on. I wanted broken revengeful Samuel dammit!

The rest of the evening consisted of chatting, me hugging an Alien that was trying to scare me (and then it went all shy schoolgirl), bumping into and catching up with Emma, Julie and Stacey from the Tribe (this happened randomly all weekend too) and playing Sopio in our hotel room with Lisa and Jade :)

So today was the big day. The day that Karen Gillan hit LFCC. Rob and I woke up at the unholy hour of 5:45am. Thankfully, tiredness didn't hit me hard. In fact I was surprisingly energetic. I put on my Amy Pond 'The God Complex' cosplay and headed out to meet Lisa and Jade at 7am to queue outside LFCC.

The four of us got there just in time for the gates to the outside of the venue opening. David and Cat soon joined our group and we set up camp in the queue and played Sopio, which made the time go by pretty quickly. Soon enough it was 9am, the doors to LFCC opened, we all beelined for Karen's virtual ticket queue and I got #98. SWEET! Main panic of the day over, we tottered about getting VQ tickets for Sir Derek Jacobi and Shawnee Smith. Then it was time for my Shawnee Smith photoshoot at 9:30am. I was worried that I would look terrible due to how early it was but I looked fine. I politely asked for a hug and got one! YAY! I was also the token girl in the queue lol.

Reunited with the gang, we then tottered about getting autographs. Mark Sheppard was lovely and chatty. I told him how squeeful Rob and I were when we found out Canton was gay and Mark told us that he had a t-shirt saying "He is". WIN! Sir Derek Jacobi was a lovely, gentle man with amazing white scruff on his face that somehow looked regal. His handwriting is pretty too. Natalia Tena is gloriously bonkers. She was wearing a military hat with flowers on it. She even wore it in her photoshoot. Her message on my autograph was sweet too ("Have a banging life, honey!).

Then it was time for us to go and get Karen Gillan's autograph. Into the mysterious 'Shatner booth' we went, picked out our 8x10s and went along the squiggly line. When we got to the front, Karen fangirled over Lisa and myself as we were dressed as Impossible Astronaut Amy and God Complex Amy. This pretty much made my day. Karen was sweet, lovely and chatty. She also signs HUGE autographs.

Running out the booth squeeing, we walked around for a bit and went to the Harry Potter talk, which turned out to be a huge waste of time because people wouldn't sit the fuck down taking pictures so we couldn't see who was talking. The mics were a bit off too. I could only see Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum) and his accent is GODDAMN ADORABLE. Also, yes heddychaa I did try to steal him but he was a bit too bulky for my net. Sorry.

We also visited the Harry Potter set that was on display. Here's me hanging in Dumbledore's chair, yo:

Then we bumped into some other Doctor Who cosplayers:

Then it was time for our Karen Gillan photoshoot! The queue was huge! Thankfully they were calling people in ticket numbers and all of ours were in the 20's. The shoot was pretty quick so you didn't get the chance to ask for a hug but she was sweet and lovely as you approached. Here's mine:

Now my poor knees were beginning to ache, so we quickly got Camille Coduri before heading back to our hotel room with Lisa so she could change into her Giselle from Enchanted dress and Rob could drop off the Bad Wolf banner he has all the DW people sign. Camille was very nice and absolutely gorgeous in person! Her autograph is cute too; all kisses and hearts.

After a bizarre lunch in KFC, Lisa, David and I went to Karen's paid talk. Again we had low numbers so we got in there first. First time in ages that I got a good seat for a talk. Then a man with curly hair sat on the Gold pass row and obscured all my pictures. Grrr. I took what I could and the last 2 were took my David who sat next to me.

Things I Remember About Karen's Talk:
+ Matt hides in her trailer and scares her. She falls over and everything.
+ She can't decide who's a better kisser between Matt and Arthur as they have "different styles" lol.
+ Her season 6 hint: Motorbike
+ She cannot confirm or deny whether she and Arthur are staying after this season.
+ Amy's feelings about River's lifestyle will be touched upon in the second half of the series.
+ The false ending on Good Man Goes To War was it ending when River shows up saying everything is going to be ok.
+ She loves her action figures. They're both in the box as she wants them to be worth something one day.
+ She grew up watching sci-fi such as Star Trek. She was excited that Brett Spiner (Data) was at the con and that she was going to meet him later.
+ She said she was loving her con experience so far and would like to come back.
+ She was totally shocked when she found out who River was.
+ She had a lot of input into Amy's look. The skirts were her idea.

Someone also asked for Karen to wear her Mad Hatter hat. Cute adorableness:

Talk over and knees dying further, I went to meet Harry Melling. I told him how much I loved his episode of Merlin. It was so refreshing to see a magical character not be 100% evil and to have some kind of connection with Merlin. I hope they bring him back sometime.

I then met Shawnee Smith. She was lovely but seemed a bit tired. Must be the jetlag, bless. We then staggered back to the hotel. Jade, Lisa and I then promptly crashed on the bed:

Thankfully this day was less manic. We found out that Saturday had 40,000 people. That's usually the total of attendance for the entire weekend! Got up at 7:00am and were in the queue for 8:30am. Today I only had 3 Doctor Who guests to meet...but then Rob & I caved and got another Alex Kingston autograph as she was personalising.

First call of business was meeting Laurence Belcher. He was a sweet boy and I told him that he was a badass as Young!Charles Xavier XD

Then we met Simon Becker Fisher who played Dorium. He was great, we all had a group chat about our love for Dorium. I told him how gutted I was when his head was chopped off because "WHO WOULD RUN THE SPACE CANTINA NOW!?". He was flattered and hinted that he will be back as "that was the magic of Doctor Who" XD. He also told us that they shaved his head and that it hadn't grown back as well as it once was, and that the blue went half way down his chest.

I then hotfooted it to Shawnee Smith's talk. I found an Amanda Young from Saw 3 cosplayer in the queue. I WANTED HER!

Shawnee's talk:

Things I Remember From Shawnee's Talk
+ She originally turned down Saw but then she was sent the original short film about her trap and she wanted to do it.
+ She did a lot of research for the part of Amanda, especially for Saw 3, as she wanted to fully understand these human beings and make the audience do the same.
+ She feels that Saw 3 is more of a love story between Jigsaw and Amanda
+ The letter left for Amanda in Saw 3 was originally from Jigsaw with something personal written on it.
+ I asked the question "Is there anything you would have liked to explore more about Amanda; like the tension between her and Hoffman for example?". She replied saying that that was certainly interesting. She seemed to think there was even sexual tension there, not just rivalry.
+ She's only seen the Saw films she's been in and Saw 7. She doesn't like watching the gore. She has to put her hands in front of her face.
+ She's currently working on a film directed by Billy Bob Thornton which also stars John Hurt and Robert Patrick.
+ She enjoyed being a part of MTV's Scream Queens. She said that Tandra Howard (who went on to appear in Saw 6 and 7) "was her girl!"
+ She enjoys filming horror and comedy equally as "there's horror in comedy and comedy in horror"
+ She was offered a part in the film Super but she couldn't do it as she was SUPER PREGNANT

We then met up with the gorgeous Allie and went to the Doctor Who cosplay meet up!

Meet up over, we went for lunch and then went for our Alex Kingston autograph. She was lovely once again and wrote "Spoilers" on my autograph XD. I then went to meet Corey Johnson who was nice and liked my gun.

Final thing of the day: Alex Kingston's talk. By this time my camera died so no pictures :(. Here's my low down:
+ When Alex walked in and saw the packed hall she was stunned and said "Oh my God"
+ She didn't know who River was until they started Season 6
+ She feels that the ER cast have been so successful is because they cast people who looked like doctors, not super glamourous people.
+ She wants River to appear on Torchwood. She also wants to be in Sherlock.
+ There are more revelations to come in the second half of the season.

And that was LFCC 2011. It was amazing, sexy and tiring. *happy sigh*
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