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01 June 2011 @ 01:50
Collectormania 17 Milton Keynes  
So this weekend just gone I went to CM MK. It was 4 days filled with fun, giggles, hugs, costumes and general good times! :D

And most importantly of all I met some amazing guests: Alex Kingston (River Song - Doctor Who), Anthony Head (Giles - Buffy, King Uther - Merlin, Nathan Wallace/RepoMan - Repo! The Genetic Opera, Mr Finch - Dr Who), Jason Watkins (Herrick - Being Human), Dean Lennox Kelly (Tully - Being Human, Shakespeare - Dr Who) and Stuart Milligan (President Nixon - Dr Who) :D

Woke up at 6:30 as my half day shift crewing started at 7:20. I hoped that I would get a good job but I was put on bloody Gold Passes again at front desk. You dish those out for the first hour and then you have nothing to do but sit in the cold. Bah. At least Wendy is fun company. I love lively old people :D. Thankfully she found me something else to do; cash sales in the photoshoot queue. Was a bit of a wheeler-dealer approach to doing things but it helped us all get through the massive queue quickly. I quite liked it. By 11am the queue was gone and I was back to doing nothing except answering any small questions. I did a tea run to McDonalds near the end of my shift but I was shit at it. I don't drink hot drinks so don't expect me to know about the ridiculous amount of sugar sachets you need. How do people ingest that much sugar!?! My shift ended at half 1pm and I was free to go have fun with Rob :D

Jason Watkins wasn't going to arrive till 1pm so it was a good job I crewed. It gave me something to do, however little that was, and earned me vouchers! YAY! I was really excited to meet him. He's such a fabulous actor. Herrick is one of my all time favourite villains, mainly because he toes the line between evil and funny perfectly. In my excitement I kept yelling "Y'alright Nanna!?" at Rob. He was bemused lol. Jason was lovely and chatty. He asked about my name and I told him about how there were too many Jennifers in my Science class and somehow this led to a conversation about books. I told him I liked Maggie O'Farrell and he did too. YAY BOOK NERDS! I then mentioned why I loved Herrick and he said that's what he loved about the part too. That that line made him all the more disturbing and enigmatic. I was a happy fangirl :D

We then went to meet Dean Lennox Kelly who as sat at a table, not a tent, yet had an impressive queue. I think that in itself is a credit to how good he is :) He was very lovely too. They only had one picture of Tully (in his stupid hat). I told him that I had hoped they would have one with him holding the chicken on a string XD

We then retired to our room with a shitload of KFC and Roz (rossietheaussie), Abi (absdax and her 2 friends to watch Doctor Who. I'll be making a separate post about Doctor Who to channel all my feelings, but in short DNW!

So today was the big day. Today Alex Kingston and Anthony Head come to CM MK, and what do I wake up with? Cystitis! FML! ASDA is on fucking Sunday hours so it doesn't open till 10am. Doors to MK open at 10am and we planned to queue from 9am. I was so fucking upset. Thankfully Rob calmed me down, ran me a bath, told me it didn't matter and we snuggled up together and watched Gok Wan till 10am. He then toddled off to ASDA for me whilst I got dressed. I love him :)

Crisis finally over, we went down, picked up virtual queue tickets for Alex and Anthony and met up with Lisa (lisahpg) and Lucy. I then bought a necklace I was eyeing up the day before as I felt I deserved it after that morning. It's Anyanka's pendant from The Wish! It's gorgeous! I keep threatening to turn Rob into a frog XD

We then queued up for Alex's photoshoot. This was insane. There were 500+ people in this photoshoot, so they called people by ticket numbers. Rob left us all as he was numbers 1,2 and 3 aka THE STALKER TICKETS lol. The rest of us were in the 100-150's so we queued together. Whilst we were queuing, Alex passed us on the way to the shoot. She noticed Lisa and Lucy (dressed as Ten) and said "That's the Doctor, and that's Amy!". It made us giggle with glee. She looked absolutely radiant. Lisa was before me, so I got to watch Alex greet her again as Amy before they had their pic taken. Then it was my turn. I was a bag of squeeful nerves. I stepped forward and Alex immediately grabbed the bottom of my dress. She recognised my cotume (River from Day Of The Moon) and fangirled to the nth degree lol. She asked me what I had made myself and I showed her the holster I had sewed together. Malcolm, the photographer, then hurried us as we probably would have stood there for a good ten minutes chatting. I asked for a hug and for her to hold my gun with me, resulting in this sexy, smouldering awesomeness.

Time to pop back to our room and for me to change into my Gentern costume from Repo! The Genetic Opera. Why? BECAUSE I HAD MY ANTHONY HEAD SHOOT NEXT, BITCHES! :D God it was cold wearing that in the queue. Anthony was a wee bit late and sod's law would have it that my position in the queue would be just outside the doorway. JUST. It was ruddy freezing. Inside and warm again, I tottered on my shoes in excitement. Anthony Head has been my 'the one that got away guest' since my first con CM: Manchester. He was there and I lacked the funds to get him, and I've regretted it since! But now he was here! I had money! And my love for him had grown even more due to Merlin and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Maybe it was better that I had to wait. I wouldn't have had my absolutely banging costume for a start. So I stepped forward, Anthony looked at me and ever so sexily said "Ahh! Gentern!". I was nearly reduced to a puddle on the floor. I tottered over and politely asked for a hug to which he replied "Of course you can!". It was lovely and squishy! Yay! After Malcolm took the picture he said "I can't resist this, pop your leg up for me!". I could have bloody kissed him. So I popped my leg quickly, not realising the heaviness of my shoes and had to cling even tighter to Anthony, going "Oh god I'm falling over!". Thankfully he supported me, resulting in an even more squishy hug and a sexier photo!

Quick change again back into River Song after a quick mini-shoot in the room:

Now dressed warmly again, I went to check the numbers for Alex and Anthony. Surprisingly my Alex number (599) was called before my Anthony one (300). By this time Alex wasn't doing personalisations anymore, despite her protests, and her Doctor Who pictures were running low. The next day I heard that she had done 1100 autographs! :O. When I went up she smiled at me again and said she loved the outfit :D

Off to Anthony's queue which was going all the way out of the tent. When we reached the corner of the tent, Chewbacaca came along and took me by the hand and led me away. Confused I went along with it. He took me to the back of the queue and swapped me with a man who was at the back. I quickly unholstered my River gun and threatened him with it. He quickly put his hands up which was quite funny. I had a fucking huge Wookie at my mercy. He then took my by the hand again and took me into the tent. I think he was either going to take me to the paying desk for Anthony or straight to David Blue (Stargate Universe, Ugly Betty) himself who had no queue. Scared that the crew would soon jump on me for not paying or some over offence, I wriggled away and went back to Rob. It was a strange experience XD

When I finally reached the front of the queue I said hi, introduced myself and got my Repo! dvd signed as well as a Giles print. I pointed out that I was the Gentern from earlier and had to get changed due to the cold and he said that my River costume didn't look that much warmer either. I said at least the bottom half is warm and showed him my leggings lol. He then mentioned to me that Repo had shadowcast screenings and I told him I knew and had been to one of the Repo Road Tour screenings in Sheffield when the 2 Darrens and Terrance were over. We talked about that for a little bit and I told him that it was a fun night and thanked him :)

We then rang Lisa to locate her fine self. She was in the hotel lobby taking part in a Doctor Who cosplayer gathering that we had heard about earlier. So off we went and as we descended the stairs to the lobby we walked into a Ten photoshoot that was taking place. We hastily made our way through and joined Lisa, who told us we hadn't missed much and that this was the first shoot here.

The shoot was great fun and it was lovely to see the Who fandom out in force!

We then went back into the stadium to have a Stormcage mini-photoshoot :)

And that was Sunday!

I had another half day shift crewing. Thankfully it started an hour later than my Saturday shift so it wasn't hellishly early. I got there and found myself in the photoshoot group. I thought "Yay! I'll be inside and warm and busy!". Turns out that myself and a girl called Ellie were 'spare' people and had no job assigned to us. So where were we out? At the photo collection desk OUTSIDE IN THE FUCKING COLD WITH NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT GUARD THEM. Uggggggh. I could have stayed in bed. My lovely warm bed which had a cute Rob in it. Fortunately, the hours went surprisingly quickly and towards the end we had spurts of activity such as moving tables and setting out pictures. Next time I crew I am doing a full day so I get a decent job and not on a bloody outside desk.

The weather on Monday was miserable. It absolutely chucked it down. We didn't have to stay long though. We met up with Dawn (prawns568) and went to meet Stuart Milligan (Nixon - Dr Who). He was very friendly and chatty. Shook all of our hands and talked about the weekend. He was lamenting how the pile of prints of his character in DW: Dreamland was still fairly high lol.

Some hugs goodbye for Dawn and soon Rob and I were on the free bus to the train station. We then crashed in a cafe, where I had a little nap, until our trains came. We were joined briefly by our con friend Marianne, who's absolutely lovely :)

So that was CM MK 2011! Definately the best yet! Bring on LFCC in July!
i need a raincoat.chaosmaka on 1st June 2011 05:34 (UTC)
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 1st June 2011 22:03 (UTC)
Hehe thanks darling!
The Island of the Fay: [tw] geekgasm!atraphoenix on 1st June 2011 11:59 (UTC)
Oh, that picture with Alex is fantastic. And DW cosplayers everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen so many in one place.
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 1st June 2011 22:04 (UTC)
I love it so much! She just smoulders sex!

When I came down those stairs and saw everyone I was like WOAH
I'd call you a genius but I'm in the roomelfinessy on 1st June 2011 21:41 (UTC)
I would love to meet Stuart Milligan - he was amazing in Jonathan Creek :-)
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 1st June 2011 22:03 (UTC)
Hehe cool. He's in Jersey Boys at the mo, maybe you can stage door him :)