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13 March 2011 @ 17:59
Fanfic - Torchwood/Being Human Crossover - Jack/Mitchell - The Curse Of The Immortals  
Title: The Curse Of The Immortals
Rating: PG-13
Pairing:Jack/Mitchell (kinda)
Disclaimer: Neither shows are mine.
Summary: Back in the trenches of World War Two, Jack witnessed the death of a soldier, but he wasn't killed by the war, he was killed by a vampire. Why didn't Jack move to help this poor soldier?
Word Count: 949
Notes/Warnings: Written for comment_fic

Jack knows that he wasn’t the only immortal creature in World War Two. Someone else had seen, endured and suffered all the horrors of that bloody battlefield and was still walking around today with that heavy burden weighing on their shoulders, and would be for the rest of time. How exactly did Jack know this? Because he had seen him with his own two eyes.

It was deep within the trenches. Night was swiftly moving in but the surrounding chaos of battle continued. Gunfire, explosions and screaming tore through the evening sky relentlessly; refusing to give sheltering soldiers the peace they needed to sleep. Slumped against one of the muddy trench walls was Jack, shaking his head in disbelief at what was happening around him. Again. It was just as vivid and terrifying as the first time. Experience from the previous time he was here hadn’t strengthened his stomach, nor given him a better sense of detachment or resolve. Each day was still filled with fear and doubt, regardless of the fact that this was a day he was living through for a second time. The only difference this time around was that Jack wasn’t concerned for his own well being at all. This time the sole focus of his worries was the welfare of his men. They were afraid. They were mortal. They weren’t blessed with second chances like him.

Jack scoffed to himself as soon as he thought the word, blessed. It was a word filled with gratitude and luck, and being ‘blessed’ with the ability to watch everyone he cared about die around him for the rest of time neither seemed to be something that the lucky received or something to be grateful for. Cursed felt like the right word to Jack, and he considered himself cursed forever.

A disturbance from around the corner brought Jack out of his pity party. He quickly pushed himself to his feet and went to investigate. He peered around the bend and saw two soldiers, one clearly injured badly as the other was desperately dragging him into the trench. His rescuer was clearly panicking, as his movements were all jittery, hands to-ing and fro-ing from the groaning lad who lay bleeding on the muddy ground. Jack was about to go help them, but then he heard words, words between the sobs of the helpful soldier.
“I’m sorry…God, I’m so sorry…but I have to do this! I don’t want to but I have to! The hunger…it’s what I am…I’m so sorry.”
The apologising soldier then raised his head, his black, curly hair falling away from his face. The flash of a nearby explosion then illuminated the trench and Jack saw the soldier’s face and gasped. Black eyes and sharp fangs; they were all Jack could see, all he could focus on in that moment. The next, the light had faded and those ferocious features were now buried in the helpless soldier’s neck. Jack watched the poor man’s life fade away; unable to tear his eyes away from the scene or move to stop the attacker. He simply watched the victim’s feet flail and kick aimlessly, the movements becoming weaker and weaker with each passing second.

Finally, they fell still and the dead soldier’s killer raised his head and screamed at the sky. He then punched the wall and flopped onto the ground, curling himself into a ball, resting his back leant against the nearest trench wall. Jack knew deep down that he should have helped. That he should have saved the defenceless soldier from his demise, but his curiosity about the other soldier had rooted him to the spot. Jack hadn’t seen an impossible thing in such a long time, so his nostalgia kept him still, despite the horror of the situation. Jack suddenly realised that his foot was sliding in the thick mud of the trench, so he adjusted his position. Snap. He had stepped on a twig.

The huddled up soldier immediately raised his head and met with Jack’s eyes. Another explosion lit up the man’s features again and this time Jack saw something different. Something that wasn’t a ferocious animal. He saw the pain behind the man’s eyes, the longsuffering, arduous pain that Jack himself felt everyday. It was old, older than any pain in the universe should ever be, because it seemed utterly endless. It was the curse of an immortal. Jack sympathised with him a little now. He noticed the bullet holes in his uniform. Bullet holes from encounters that should have resulted in his demise. Jack understood why he had killed the soldier, or rather why he picked that particular soldier. He was wounded beyond help; all that remained for him was a long, painful death in the infirmary. Granting him a quick and swift death was a small saving grace for both the ill-fated soldier and his killer’s conscience. The guilt still wore down heavily on the tortured soldier that was plain to see. Somehow the killing must be a necessary evil of his existence, thought Jack.

He now saw how similar he was to this soldier; the burden of eternal life, the choices they make affecting the life and death of others, that simple wish for things to just end. They might be completely different in terms of ‘what they are’, but they understood what it was like to walk in each other’s shoes. So Jack simply nodded. A silent promise to keep this man’s secret safe to which the simply soldier smirked uncomfortably in thanks and then sprung to his feet and disappeared into the night. Jack knew that one day their paths would cross again. After all, they did have eternity.
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maab_connor: janto kissmaab_connor on 13th March 2011 21:35 (UTC)
oh i liked this! thank you so much.
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 19th March 2011 01:00 (UTC)
You're welcome :D
Pinigir: Doctor & Masterpinigir on 15th March 2011 14:23 (UTC)
Sorry, somehow made a reply to another comment first. Hope that it will go right this time. o_O

Anyway, wanted to say that I loved this fic. Loved seeing Mitchell from Jack's POV. (And started wondering about possible future encounters between the two of them.)
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 15th March 2011 17:53 (UTC)
Re: Oops
Awww thanks :D