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21 December 2006 @ 17:19
Fanfic - Torchwood - (Jack/Owen/Ianto) - Three  
Title: Three
Author: jemzamia
Pairing/character: Jack/Owen/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When stuck in a cave for the night Jack and Ianto have some affectionate fun together, and rope in Owen aswell.
Author Notes: Set during/after Small Worlds

The ground trembled as Ianto and Owen ran through the dark woods, carrying an injured Jack. Jack was drifting in and out of consciousness. Groaning when he was conscious. Owen knew they had to get to somewhere safe soon. Jack needed medical attention badly, but the Rover was miles back. And Tosh and Gwen were nowhere to be seen. They did promise to get the faeries to chase them. Owen hoped that was all the faeries did.

Ianto huffed exhausted breathes out of his mouth. His feet aching from running. And Jack’s dead weight wasn’t helping. His suit was slightly torn on the arms. But it didn’t matter. Ianto would do anything for Jack. Even after what he did. His shoes were muddy too. Making walking up the uneven ground slightly more difficult.

The rustle of leaves beneath their feet became less frequent and also gradually quieter. Until they stopped along with the feet. Ianto and Owen looked at the cave with disbelief. Thank God they both thought. They began to heft Jack inside and laid him gently on the dank floor. Owen crouched down at Jack’s feet and began a frantic search of his pockets. Ianto paced out and soon returned with a large rock. He carefully stepped around Jack, making his way to the delirious head. Ianto knelt down and lifted the head gently onto his lap. Ianto was about to replace his lap with the rock when he paused. He looked at Jack’s face. It was pain stricken and the hair that framed it was messed up and sweaty. How could he not comfort him? When would he get the chance to hold Jack like this again? Instead he placed the rock close to Owen. Hoping he’d believe the original intention was for a table.

But Owen wasn’t easily fooled. He still carried on searching through his pockets to see if he had anything remotely useful.
“Anything?” Ianto finally asked. Owen angrily pulled his hands out of his pockets.
“Five pounds, a laggy band, a condom and a cheeky note from Tosh!” Owen said in an annoyed but sarcastic way, “Bollocks!”
Owen stared down at his patient, his boss wishing he could help him. He could see the concern in Ianto’s eyes. What was that about? Owen decided to drop the cocky attitude for once. He sighed,
“All I can do really is just check him out. But we need some light.”
Ianto started to lay Jack’s head on the floor and get up. Owen held out his hand and stopped him.
“Don’t worry mate. I’ll get the fire wood,” Owen assured. Ianto gave him a look of thanks and then quickly went back to Jack. Holding his head in his lap. Stroking his hair slightly. Owen watched slightly as he left. Wondering if Jack was the reason Ianto stayed long after hours.

Back in the cave all Ianto could do was listen to Jack breathe in between moans. Adrenalin was pumping through Ianto’s veins but he was still. Held Jack still. Held the man he loved still. And hope. Minutes achingly passed second by second along with the rise and fall of Jack’s chest. Ianto felt a twitch. He anxiously looked down at Jack. Nothing. Must had been the adrenalin getting to Ianto. But then he noticed something. He could hear the wind whisper and the leaves crunching beneath Owen’s feet outside. The moans had died down. The rise and fall of Jack’s chest became more frequent. A flicker of an eyelid and a tweak of an elbow. Jack was now fully awake. And all he could see was Ianto’s smiling face.

He returned it with a devilishly handsome smile. Jack began to get up but Ianto was quick to object.
“Jack, you should rest.” Ianto cooed, slightly pulling the head in his hands back.
“Ianto I’m fine!” Jack chuckled. Ianto’s caring nature amused him. He got up, but didn’t break the enchanting stare into Ianto’s eyes. “For now.”

Owen waltzed in. A collection of sticks and twigs in hand. He stopped slightly. Looked at the two men then carried on.
“If it gets any cosier in here I’ll think I’m in the YMCA” Owen said, cocky attitude firmly back in place. Ianto shyly broke his gaze, immediately trying to cover up his feelings for Jack. Jack found it endearing.
“Well be grateful it’s cosy!” Jack replied, tapping at his phone, “No signal. No sign of Gwen or Tosh. Looks like we’re stuck here for the night.” Jack took that as his cue to send Ianto a flirty signal. Ianto was slightly startled. Another thing that Jack found cute.

Owen was beginning to his lose patience with the flirt fest. Watching these two making goo-goo eyes at each other all night wasn’t his idea of campfire fun. He tried to bottle it. Tried to use his frustration into lighting the fire, but it didn’t help. He mostly ended up scratching his arm with the rocks he had picked up along with the sticks. Owen had to say something.
“Look guys I’m not stupid!” Owen burst out.
“That’s debateable,” Ianto cut in. Both Jack and Ianto laughed.
“Just cut it out will ya! The last thing I want to listen to when I’m the wilderness is you two shagging!”
A wicked grin spread across Jack’s face.
“You could join in if you want,” he teased.

At that moment Owen froze, overwhelmed by the proposition. The strike he made on the rocks made a large spark, setting the firewood alight. The flames made Owen’s stunned face more clear. Jack tried his hardest to laugh. It was priceless. Of all the times you wished you had a camera this was Jack’s. Jack decided he had revelled in the expression for long enough.
“Well, only if you want to?”
Owen’s shock had only just slightly worn off. He was open to it for sure. But these two where over each other so much. For once Owen didn’t want to intrude. But then again. He liked to torture people in happy relationships.

“Wouldn’t Ianto mind?” quizzed Owen. Jack and Owen both looked at Ianto. He enjoyed the attention for once.
“No. Not at all. As long as I’m with you, sir.”
Another amazing smile, Jack stared into those intense brown eyes again. He was going to enjoy this. He turned back to Owen.
“Well there you go…so you up for it?”
Owen thought a little. Jack grew impatient.
“Come on Owen! We’re in the middle of the woods. No signal. No way back until morning. No one to bother us three. No-one to know.” Those words were the final temptation.
“Alright.” Owen agreed, “Long as that final clause is true.” Jack just nodded his head, clearly revved up for the experience ahead.
“Well let’s get to it,” smirked Jack. He got up and moved a bit further into the cave. Ianto and Owen got up and followed; only half-believing what was about to happen. It was slightly darker down this part of the cave. But the campfire at the front made the shadows around dance along the walls. They couldn’t see Jack though. Owen stopped but Ianto carried on a bit further. He finally stopped, half drenched in shadow. Ianto turned to look at Owen. Looking for something to do. Owen just stared at Ianto. He looked so damn sexy in those shadows. Ianto knew he was going to get nothing more.
“Jack?” Ianto yelled, his voice echoing down the cave.

Then a shadow appeared. Brought it’s face against Ianto’s neck and began to smother it in kisses. Ianto’s head was immediately filled with arousal. His legs went slightly weak. He took one fumbling step forward and the shadow followed. And it became a figure. A very naked Jack undoing Ianto’s shirt from behind. Ianto’s head was now slanted to the side, fully wrapped around Jack’s lips. One of Ianto’s hands was running through Jack’s brown hair, pulling him further onto his neck. While the other was tightly gripped on Jack’s cock. Jack’s eyes gazed up at Owen, who was just staring at Ianto’s deep pleasure. Jack smiled, slightly brushing his teeth against Ianto’s skin.

“Thought you were joining in?” Jack teased. Owen hesitated a little. He was completely astounded by how Ianto was so stimulated by Jack. Owen felt like he was intruding again, but then again waiting till morning while these two were fucking each other wasn’t a fun filled prospect.
“Yeah. Yeah, I’m coming.” Ianto laughed as Jack left his neck alone.
“I hope not too soon,” Jack joked. Ianto laughed even more. A smug smile across his face, he gazed into Jack’s sparkling eyes. He couldn’t wait for this to happen. When he imagined it he never had pictured Owen in the equation but he had always known that Jack was unpredictable. He also knew that Jack would make it up to him later.

Ianto looked down and saw Owen beginning to undo his trousers. He was tugging at Ianto’s belt frantically. Jack drew himself into Ianto’s neck again, but this time he just rested there. He wanted to stop Ianto from looking down. He needed Ianto to trust him, and Owen, but mainly him. To trust him with his safety. His body. His soul. Jack whispered in Ianto’s ear. Ever so quietly. Ever so gently.
“Don’t be scared. You’re here with me. Just hold on tight,” Jack breathed into Ianto’s ear. Hot, moist breath sent goosebumps down Ianto’s neck, and made his senses heighten. He felt his boxers slip down with the aid of Owen’s fingers. Jack felt the slight catches in Ianto’s breath, as his sensuality grew further.
“Just hold on.” Jack placed his hand on top of Ianto’s. The one on his cock. Owen took hold of Ianto’s cock and began to swallow. Ianto’s breathing wild. His body quivered to the touch. The warmth. The moistness of Owen’s mouth. And all he could do was try to stand there. But Jack held him there, in the darkness.
“Just hold on and never let go.”

Owen covered the whole length and tried to get a good rhythm. He wasn’t too experienced with men but he still thought he was pretty good. But still, he knew he was nowhere near as good as Jack. And that drove him even more. Faster and faster, Ianto writhed above him. The occasional tooth grazed Ianto’s cock and he grimaced. But he didn’t mind. He had Jack to hold onto. Literally.

As the flames of the fire danced away at the front of the cave, Owen’s head carried on going back and forth. Owen was sucking so hard on Ianto’s cock now that Ianto moved forward slightly at each tug, his hand now achieving the same rhythm as Owen’s on Jack’s cock in doing so. Both Jack and Ianto’s cries were being to heighten, sending monstrous echoes through the cave. The light from the fire that they had abandoned created faint shadows that danced along the walls. The threesome seemed to be shown in three forms; sound, light and body. Three energies creating one mass climax. This is what Carys, well the alien inside her, lived off. This is what made her alive. And right now, it was making all three of them feel alive too.

Jack’s breath was hot and ragged on the back of Ianto’s neck. Jack was being pulled so forward by Ianto he could practically taste the sweat on Ianto’s back. Ianto’s senses were going mad. His eyes had rolled back and stayed there a long while ago. But Owen’s stayed open. Determination burned through them as he fully concentrated on the task at hand, Well mouth. This was his chance to shine. And he did. The flickers of flame made Ianto’s come glisten on Owen’s face. Ianto and Jack looked down and smiled.
“Not bad then, eh?” Owen said.

The birds began to chirp as morning dawned. The three men were all in a tangle asleep. Exhausted from the evening before. Jack slightly held Ianto in his arms, his head snuggled up to Jack’s chest. Meanwhile Owen was had his head rested against Ianto’s leg, mouth slightly open. Jack was the first to stir from their slumber. Groaning with pleasure as reality rushed back to him. He rarely slept these days so it felt. But who could blame him for needing to rest after what happened in round two. He looked down at the man in his arms. Ianto was asleep, with a slight smile on his face. Jack had never seen Ianto so happy. He must have enjoyed last night, Jack thought. He tightened his arms around Ianto slightly. But then Owen woke up awkwardly and immediately rushed to find his trousers. He seemed like his usual panicked self. Jack always found it amusing.

“You’re quick to get your clothes back on, mister!” teased Jack. Owen turned around, a stern look across his face.
“If you say a word about this to the girls. In fact if you say anything about this! I’ll kill you!”
“Easier said than done,” Jack teased again. Owen was just about to make a comeback when Ianto groaned into Jack’s chest. Jack looked down with a sexy smirk on his face.
“Good morning,” Jack said with a little sexy growl in his voice. Ianto raised his head to meet Jack’s sparkling eyes. He smiled even more.
“Good morning,” Ianto said, his welsh accent in full tone.
The guys spun around and were horrified to find Toshiko and Gwen standing there, looking at them like two giggling schoolgirls.
“Looks like some people had some fun last night!” Gwen chuckled.

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hugglewolfhugglewolf on 21st December 2006 20:07 (UTC)
the prompt was mine, and thank you! *swoons*
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 22nd December 2006 11:24 (UTC)
lol no problem! glad u enjoyed it!
fififolle: High-5 Jackfififolle on 21st December 2006 23:16 (UTC)
OMG That was brilliant! So funny at the end *snicker*. You really managed to create an atmosphere in the cave, with the fire and everything, very good. Good use of Jack's healing ability, the beginning was tense, Owen was super, and then the heat turned up ;) Very hot :D I really enjoyed it!
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__: Smirkjemzamia on 22nd December 2006 11:32 (UTC)
hehe wow thank u!! i had to have the girls laughin at them at the end for the pure craic! XD
clarity_lore: Ianto Jones Manipclarity_lore on 22nd December 2006 14:43 (UTC)
Soooo much fun :D Well done this was great!
Padawanpooh: torchwood coatpadawanpooh on 22nd December 2006 15:00 (UTC)
*applauds* Lovely slashy goodness - very atmospheric and sensual, and with a perfect ending ;-P
silver_x_crosssilver_x_cross on 22nd December 2006 17:01 (UTC)
I still love this! Very nice!
darklady7darklady7 on 22nd December 2006 23:01 (UTC)
“Good morning,” Ianto said, his welsh accent in full tone.
The guys spun around and were horrified to find Toshiko and Gwen standing there, looking at them like two giggling schoolgirls.
“Looks like some people had some fun last night!” Gwen chuckled.

It made me laugh so hard. It is damn good!
truthvdreamstruthvdreams on 22nd December 2006 23:03 (UTC)
*Whoops with delight!* wow loved it, soo naughty but very nice. You cant go far wrong with a combination like this!
Futotta: Ianto Nibblebbw_seska on 26th January 2007 12:34 (UTC)
Another brilliant piece :D
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on 26th January 2007 16:17 (UTC)
awwwwww thank u! btw BRILL! icon!! *goes to nibble*